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“As a busy mother of 4 athletes, I was initially overwhelmed with the prospect of what and how to feed my children. Thank you for your practical nuggets of nutritional information. You’ve taken complex and scientific data and made it simple and practical and it works for our family. I appreciate you giving me a foundation and making these elements part of our family’s lifestyle. We have focused on Hydration, Consistency, Post-Game/Practice Nutrition, Rest and Preparation. I didn’t realize my kids had different needs based on their age, sex and sport, and you were able to explain it in simple, clear terms.

Doctor Jacq, thank you for your guidance, for being so relatable, and for giving me the confidence as a mom to do this!”

Gina Hartigan

Mother, 4 Young Athletes

“ Learning about sports nutrition has helped me achieve the goals of my athletic career, and I’m thankful for all the advice Doctor Jacq has given me! I have learned that playing at a competitive level requires proper fuel for training, practices and games. After listening to Doctor Jacq and working with her, I have realized that consistency in eating well, being prepared, good hydration and rest are essential of my overall success as an athlete. And her recipes are simple and delicious! Even a college student can follow her straight-forward approach to eating healthy for sports. There is nothing better than going to practice or a game feeling your best mentally and physically, and nutrition plays a huge role in that. Thank you Doctor Jacq!”


Women's Soccer, The Ohio State University

“As a high school coach, I constantly stress to my players the importance of proper nutrition. What athletes put into their bodies directly affects their performance on the field. Working with Doctor Jacq for an entire year, our team learned the do’s and don’ts of sports nutrition, the best foods to eat and when to eat them, the importance of hydration, the truth about supplements and much more. Our team’s coaches were all impressed with how receptive the boys were to Doctor Jacq, and made some positive changes regarding food. Thank you Doctor Jacq, for helping us as coaches emphasize the importance of adequate nutrition in a simple, practical way that the boys and their parents appreciated.”

Mike Willett

Head Coach, Frosh-Soph Baseball, Santa Margarita Catholic High School

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