Hello everyone! It’s been a while, a couple of years in fact! I’ve been busy with work, life, kids, but I’m ready to get back!

I started my Chief of Staff years at CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital (where I’ve worked as a hospital-based pediatrician in Orange County, CA, for 17 years) in January of 2015, and it kicked my butt! Lots of 3-4 hour meetings at our main hospital 45 minutes away, and evening meetings at our hospital. It was a hectic 2 years, but so rewarding. Being part of the Board of Directors of a large children’s hospital system was eye opening. I was impressed and inspired by our wonderful Board members, and I learned so much about the massive undertaking of running a children’s hospital. As Chief of the Medical Staff, I was the liaison between the doctors that work at our hospital (about 350 at my hospital) and the administration. My job is to communicate the issues and needs of the medical staff to the administration and to chair the Medical Staff Executive Committee, which deals with policies, patient safety issues, collaborations with nurses, therapists and other staff, as well as the day to day operations of the hospital. Overall, a busy, but very rewarding and productive 2 years. I am now finishing my last year as Immediate Past Chief of Staff.

As if that wasn’t enough, our kids were VERY busy these past few years. My daughter, a synchronized skater, made Team del Sol, out of San Diego, at the senior level. It was an amazing experience for her; she was the youngest member of her team at age 15, and they earned a Team USA spot and won a silver medal during their International competition in Scotland in 2017! BUT, it also meant we were up at 2:30am, yes, I said 2:30am, (which is technically the middle of the night) 4 days a week, so she could be on the ice in San Diego by 4am. This included Saturdays and Sundays, and with approximately 20-25 hours of practice time per week, we had little free time! I even started drinking coffee, which I hadn’t done in all of my years of medical school or residency! In the meantime, my son was playing competitive hockey in LA (also over an hour away), 4 days a week, and getting home late at night. He competed with the PeeWee AAA Jr. Kings team, nationally and internationally, with LOTS of travel!

Things have calmed down SIGNIFICANTLY, and it’s time to get back to work and back to my passion. I am energized and ready for Doctor Jacq to get back to business! I now have what I have learned is called a “portfolio career,” with a brand new website to reflect that! I am continuing my sports nutrition for young athletes’ team and individual coaching, I’m in the process of writing a book, (Hungry All-Stars! SO excited! More on this soon!), I have been speaking and writing on sports nutrition for young athletes, the teen opioid epidemic, and baby/infant feeding. I’ll be traveling to present in Dublin this summer, and I’ve have consulted with a few baby and child product companies and loving it!

Stay tuned for a weekly Monday Doctor Jacq Blog on Sports Nutrition and Sports Medicine, General Pediatrics, Feeding and Caring for Baby, Teen Issues, and much more! I will also be starting a video series, “A Snack with Doctor Jacq,” every Wednesday, so tune in on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Blog to receive your FREE gift! Thanks for waiting, Doctor Jacq is happy to be back!


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